We decided to register - so in case we decide to switch from blogspot to something else will always point you to the right place.


Screams from the gutter

Ok, we've added some new pages with contact info, discography and music, check that out!

News on the new record is that all music is done and right now we're working on the artwork/layout. No date is set for release as this will pretty much happen when it happends - as always with Bastard Priest.

Anyhow here's the track listing for the new album:

1. Pestilent Force
2. Ghouls of the Endless Night
3. Enter Eternal Nightmare
4. Poison
5. Sacrilegious Ground
6. Fucking Slaughter
7. Last Scream
8. Enormous Thunder of the End

Right now you can have a listen to "Ghouls of the Endless Night" and "Sacrilegious Ground" in the music player to the right or under "Music".

While you're here - check out some other Bastard Priest recommended bands listed under "Allies"

Alright, keep it heavy!
/ Matt Mendoza


Welcome to Hell!

Bastard Priest moved to this blog!

Myspace isn't doing anything right any more so from now on here's the place to get news and interact with Bastard Priest

First off you can have a listen to two new tracks from our upcoming Album. It's gonna be out on Blood Harvest later this year and will get a vinyl and CD release as usual. 

Alright, more stuff coming in the next couple of days, stay tuned!

/ Matt Mendoza